Thursday, August 22, 2013

L to J

This week I introduced L to J to all of my students.  Although many of them are familiar with the process, I took the time to explain it to them in full so they understand the logic behind this learning tool.  L to J is a simple, yet very effective way of measuring student/class learning throughout the year.  For a full explanation of the process check out the website: I have 6 sections of American History classes this year, each section will be competing to attempt to break their previous all time bests (ATB) with each quiz.  Students love competition and thrive when they have clear goals in mind.  L to J is a great way for students to compete with themselves, as a class, and against other classes.  Most importantly this is a great way to track student learning throughout the school year.  Below is a snapshot of our week one results by section.

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